Rear Seat Entertainment

In this video from the Willis Accessories department in Des Moines, Iowa, Nathan Seberg takes us through Rear Seat Entertainment options for your vehicle using a 2014 Cadillac Esaclade Platinum. Willis Accessories can install everything from ceiling-mounted systems to headrest DVD, and even newer tablet-based systems.

Summer Accessories

Willis Auto Campus has many options for your vehicle this summer. Nate Seberg, one of our Accessories Consultants here at Willis, walks us through options such as roof rails, cargo systems, trailer hitches, wiring harnesses, and bike racks that you can add to your vehicle. Enjoy!

Welcome to Willis Auto Campus Accessories

Matt Willis of Willis Auto Campus welcomes you to the all-new website. We cover everything you’ll need to personalize your vehicle–from window tint, paint protection film, custom wheels, remote starters, custom vehicle wraps, rear seat entertainment systems and much more. Please feel free to browse around or visit us in Des Moines, Iowa!

Rear Seat DVD Overview

Willis Accessory Specialist Nate Seberg gives you an overview of the rear-seat DVD entertainment systems available for all makes and models at the Willis Auto Campus accessories department.

The Fourth Product

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Product One Testimonial

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